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PermaFill WRINKLE SOLUTIONTM PROCESS is administered in Dr. Ly's office and typically requires 15 to 30 minutes. The experience for patients is a similar process as that of injectable temporary dermal fillers, "but the results are expected to last for years."
PermaFill WRINKLE SOLUTION TM PROCESS is expected to appeal to patients who are tired of repeated injections because the treatment permanently smooths out your wrinkles and folds.
"… there are plenty of people suffering from 'injection fatigue' who are interested in a longer-lasting filler…"
The PermaFill Wrinkle SolutionTM is the first and only cosmetic filler process which lasts 5 years or longer!   All Permafill components are FDA-approved!

Erase Wrinkles for 5 Years Affordabily
Saves Money — Saves Time — Lasts Longer
Removes wrinkles, sags, furrows, hollows & lines on your face without surgery.
Results are immediate and only 1-2 treatments are usually required.
  • Immediate, visible results with no downtime
  • A simple, in-office procedure
  • Excellent safety profile
  • Results improve over the course of several months
  • Usually requires only one or two treatments
Lips and fine wrinkle lines are corrected with well known fillers like Restylane. Deeper wrinkle lines may be corrected with Radiesse.
Restylane, and Radiesse are temporary and dissipate leaving one with only half the results within a year or less. PermafillTM is our exclusive filler for longer lasting more permanent correction up to five years. All of the above may be used in combination to achieve results superior to a single filler.
Treatments typically last 10-20 minutes and are usually painless. Depending on the areas treated, more than one syringe may be needed to create the best look possible. Enhancements are recommended 1-3 months after your treatment to "fine-tune" your results.
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