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Dr. Ly has the honor of being one of the first physicians in Hawaii to be selected to provide this new wrinkle solution at part of her practice offerings.
Permanently smooth out your wrinkles and folds with Artefill, the first and only FDA-approved cosmetic filler which lasts 5 years or longer!
Results are immediate and only 1-2 treatments are usually required.
Because of her vast experience with cosmetic injectables Dr Ly was selected to be the first provider of this superior wrinkle solution in Hawaii.
Artefill is the treatment of choice for smile lines (the lines between the nose and corners of the mouth) when permanent correction is desired. Artefill can also be used to plump up marionette lines (the lines and depressions below the mouth), fill in scars and smooth out depressions and crooked contours on noses (the "LunchTime Nose Job"). Artefill is also often used in combination with other wrinkle solutions and laser rejuvenation treatments for comprehensive, no downtime rejuvenation.
Treatments typically last 10-20 minutes and are usually painless. Depending on the areas treated, more than one syringe may be needed to create the best look possible. Enhancements are recommended 1-3 months after your treatment to "fine-tune" your results. These may often require only a small syringe.
If you have never used a cosmetic filler, we recommend trying a temporary wrinkle filler solution such as Restylane first before having a permanent filler.
For complete safety information visit www.artefill.com.
CLICK HERE to view the Aloha Dermatology and Laser Center's Dermal Filler Safety page.
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